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Benefits of Green Tea Weight Loss

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greeen tea weight loss

Benefits of Green Tea Weight Loss Green tea is one of the best supplement to lose weight fast and effectively. In the modern lifestyle, more than 200 million people drink green tea to get a slim and healthy body. There are more than 150 million people in the world drink two cups of green tea in a day. Green tea also called weight loss tea due to its weight loss property.

Health Benefits of Green Tea:

There are many health benefits of green tea. Although most of the people use green tea as a slimming drink but it has many others health benefits. Green tea contains antioxidants which can protect our body from Brain Cancer, Breast cancer, Prostate Cancer and many other diseases. It also improves brain functions and protects our brain from Alzheimer,s and Parkinson,s in old age.

How Green Tea lose weight:

Green tea also called as fat burning tea because it burns out extra fat and loses weight fast and effectively from our body. Green tea contains caffeine and some important compounds which increase metabolism rate in our body and burn out extra fat from our body. Caffeine not only increases metabolism rate but also decreases appetite that is why green tea work as a positive catalyst to lose fat. It is very beneficial to lose tummy and thigh fat. It also contains amino acid (L- Theanine) which is able to increases blood circulation in our body.

How to make Green tea to lose weight:

To lose weight fast and effectively proper making of green tea is very important. Most of the people don,t know how to make green tea to lose weight. For the proper making of green tea take a piece of lemon, one spoon green tea and one spoon honey. Honey and lemon also helpful to burn out fat. First of all, take a cup of boiled water, now add one one spoon green tea, one spoon honey and lemon water into it and mixed it well. Now the tea is ready and you can have it. Drink at least two cups of green tea per day before 30 minutes of meal to get better and faster result.

Precaution: Never use sugar in green tea because it does,t helps to lose weight.

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