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How to Lose Weight Fast And Effectively

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How to lose weight fast and effectively? People who are facing problem due to overweight and want to lose weight fast and effectively, this weight loss blog will be very helpful for them. Overweight or extra fat creates various types of problem in our life. It,s not only create physical problem but also create mental disturbance and then create various types of diseases like Diabetes, Asthma etc. so extra weight loss is very necessary for physical and mental health.

In this blog, I am going to talk you ten very simple but very useful weight loss tips which will help you to lose weight up to 10 kg within 35 days.

1.Exercise daily morning to lose weight fast:

Exercise or Yoga is very beneficial to lose weight fast. If you want to boost your weight loss process then exercise every how to lose weight fastmorning at least 30 to 45 minutes. Push-up exercise is very beneficial to reduce weight fast. You could run every morning or evening 30 to 45 minutes. Exercise regularly to fit your body

2. Drink a glass of lemon water to lose weight fast:

Lemon contains vitamin c and citric acid which are very useful to reduce fat from our body. Drink a glass of lemon water every morning with an empty stomach to lose weight fast.

How to prepare lemon water:

(a)Take a glass of warm water

(b)Take a lemon and mix the lemon juice into the water

(c) Take one teaspoon honey into it and then mix it well and drink it.

3.Change your breakfast menu to lose weight fast:

Would you like to eat fast food or oily food then you have to change your habit. Fast food and oily food help to gain body weight. So avoid them all and note this breakfast menu.

Breakfast menu:

(a) one or two piece eggs. Remember you have to consume only white part of eggs don’t consume yolk of the eggs. Because the yellow part of the egg contains fat which is not beneficial to lose weight.

(b)3- 4 piece bread with fruit jam.

(c)100 to 150 gms any fruits

(d) Consume salad

4. Add these foods to your dish to lose weight fast:

Some food help to lose weight but some food help to increase body weight. To lose weight fast and effectively please consume more vegetable and salad and consume less carbohydrates (rice, bread etc). Eat tiny fish, peacod, dals and fruits in your dish.

5. Avoid these foods to lose weight:

I have already told you that you have to change your food menu to lose weight fast. I am again telling you  please avoid these foods from your dish

(a) Rich food

(b)Oily food and food which contains fat


(d)fast food

(e)icecream etc.

(6)How to lose weight effectively by green tea or green coffee?:

How to lose weight fast with green tea or green coffee? Green tea or green coffee is very very helpful to reduce extra weight from our body. Now lose weight by green tea or green coffee is a common and most usable weight loss trick. Green tea and Green coffee contain antioxidants and caffeine which are very helpful to boost up metabolism rate and reduce appetite. Increase metabolism rate and decrease appetite mean you will able to lose weight very fast. remember don’t use sugar and milk in green coffee or tea. You can use honey replace of sugar. Drink 2-3 cups of green tea or coffee daily to lose weight effectively.

(7) Drink a Glass of fruit juice for weight loss:

Most of the fruits contain various types of acid like citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid etc. which are very beneficial to reduce fat from our body. Drink at least a glass of fruit juice every day to reduce extra fat from your body and increase remedial power. Fruit juice is very helpful to reduce tummy fat and thigh fat.

(8) Fast one day per week to lose weight fast:

It is found in modern medical science that people who are fasting one day (7-8 hours) per week, they are enabled to reduce weight very fast. Because when we are fasting then fat molecules in our body burn out to produce energy and that is why reduce fat and overweight in our body.

(9) Sleep Properly To reduce weight:

Improper sleeping is very harmful to our body and stomach. less or over sleeping can influence in our digest system. It is very necessary to sleep 6-8 hours per day for an adult human. Remember don,t sleep at daytime because it can boost up your body weight. So sleep properly to lose weight fast and effectively.

(10) Don’t, Skip Food:

Skipping food can decrease metabolism rate which is not helpful to reduce weight. So eat food as per your normal habit.  Eat two to three times a day but try to eat less amount of food. Drink 6- 7 liters of water per day.

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